Our very own 3rd Draught New Zealand Pale Ale Mini Kegs! Contains approx 8.7 pints.


3rd Draught is the third brew in our series of house brews utilising the brewkit of other breweries. We wanted this New Zealand Pale Ale to be something we could sup long into the afternoon. Light, but full of flavour was our goal.

We opted for using a pale malt base with the addition of oats and wheat for an extra creamy and smooth mouthfeel. This would work well for us as we had selected to use a New England yeast strain, renown for giving soft, stone fruit esters to the beer. The hop bill consisted of Dr Rudi, Nelson Sauvin and a small amount of Cascade for good measure. The result? An extremely quaffable, fruity pale ale with clear traits of both New Zealand hops and of the New England yeast.

The Draughtsman Alehouse - 3rd Draught - New Zealand Pale 4.2%